The Brain Exchange Program

Brain Exchange, REVOLUTIONARY and EXCLUSIVELY for stroke and other TBI survivors, does several things: 

  1. You’re matched to someone in a 1:1 writing partnership through ongoing emails. 
  2. We’ll meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday on Zoom of every month to experience meaningful games, mind exercises. and share stories. 
  3. A Facebook page has been started called (no surprise here) “Brain Exchange” to socialize, hear stories from stroke and other TBI survivors, and be aware of new strategies that may be helpful. 

All we want you to do is send an email to or and answer these 3 questions: 

  1. When did you have a brain injury and a very brief description?
  2. Your current age?
  3. Would you prefer a male, female, or no preference?

Next meeting–January 12, at 2 pm PST. You’ll be sent a Zoom link.

Thank you for your interest in Brain Exchange! 

Joyce and Sara

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